John L. Stanizzi

Connecticut teacher, author, and poet


Description Overheard along the shore. I would like to give you a brief description about the poems here and the project from which they emerged. They are from a one-year-long project called POND.  The poems are acrostics.  Here is my process.  Everyday, at different times during the day, I would visit our pond with notebook […]


“Woven Water” (mixed media on paper) - Barbara Hocker

More than once we hear him address the sea;
the rage for order, as Stevens says, is blessed,
and even our dreams, as they wind across the width


Autumn bees
heavy on goldenrod
must know what we know
as they work that


Unlike the other men in the family, my father
has no chains or skunks with attitude,
or his last name over crossed Italian flags,


a concert of waxwings
where the offering of daybreak
whitens the road


I had seen them in the tree,
and heard they mate for life,
so I hung a bird feeder
and waited.