John L. Stanizzi

Connecticut teacher, author, and poet



Description Overheard along the shore. I would like to give you a brief description about the poems here and the project from which they emerged.

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Description In Sundowning, John Stanizzi gives us his own world, which we enter via his irresistible voice and words of imaginative power. The book encompasses

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Description Poetry. A memoir in sonnets. “This is what history sounds like, a song that takes over us until we join the chants and become

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High Tide–Ebb Tide

Description John Stanizzi’s richly imagistic and moving book, High Tide, Ebb Tide, is an inspired exploration of delight and loss. The poems create a rich

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Hallelujah Time!

Description When former New England Poet of the Year John L. Stanizzi decided to compare Bob Marley’s lyrics with the biblical excerpts that had inspired

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After the Bell

Description After the Bell, reads like a Greek play–both a comedy and tragedy, the chorus being the high school body of a small town. The

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Dance Against the Wall

Description John L. Stanizzi’s fourth poetry collection, Dance Against the Wall, will stun readers into a fuller livelihood of the heart. Fearful pain and self-incrimination

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Sleepwalking: Poems

Description This specially prepared and illuminated gift edition is devoted to the bright and dark sides of Night. It begins in the crepuscular “blue hour”

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Ecstasy Among Ghosts

Description These are poems in which the poet’s generously extended Italian family, terrible despair and regenerating love are as salty as the ocean that beats

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