John L. Stanizzi

Connecticut teacher, author, and poet


Description Reviews John L. Stanizzi’s poems show us what it means to pay attention. He directs us to the details that surround us, in nature, architecture, art, and world events, to all the ways our stories merge, compound, and unravel. Listen: what does it mean to be a tree? In the poet’s own words, whatever […]

Feathers and Bones

Description Reviews The raw beauty of Stanizzi’s words are the result of his innate ability to keep both head and heart in balance, creating poems that buzz and thrum in the body as well as the mind. Winged silver, bones, dreaming, barbed wire, ghosts, Jah, harmony in all of its manifestations as well as unspeakable […]

Ecstasy Among Ghosts

Description These are poems in which the poet’s generously extended Italian family, terrible despair and regenerating love are as salty as the ocean that beats just beyond the margins. To read this book is to ride a roller coaster of unbridled emotion. Reviews Through the sluice of memory John Stanizzi’ shapes the torrent that pours […]

Sleepwalking: Poems

Description This specially prepared and illuminated gift edition is devoted to the bright and dark sides of Night. It begins in the crepuscular “blue hour” of Civil Twilight, descends into the darkness of nightmare, then ascends to a realm of moon-lit magic and surreal beauty before ending with the risen colors of birdsong dawn. Reviews […]

Dance Against the Wall

Description John L. Stanizzi’s fourth poetry collection, Dance Against the Wall, will stun readers into a fuller livelihood of the heart. Fearful pain and self-incrimination are here, but in the end it is love and a sense of the brotherhood among all living creatures, human and animal, that inform the book. Reviews I love a […]

After the Bell

Description After the Bell, reads like a Greek play–both a comedy and tragedy, the chorus being the high school body of a small town. The poems are by turn many things, “a tale about some pain or some desire.” In language both gorgeous, elegiac, and deeply rooted in the social world, Stanizzi never flinches from […]

Hallelujah Time!

Description When former New England Poet of the Year John L. Stanizzi decided to compare Bob Marley’s lyrics with the biblical excerpts that had inspired them, he didn’t expect to experience such a profound change in his own sense of the world. Over a period of five years, he found himself wanting to go beyond […]

High Tide–Ebb Tide

Description John Stanizzi’s richly imagistic and moving book, High Tide, Ebb Tide, is an inspired exploration of delight and loss. The poems create a rich sense of place, where “snowy egrets haul their orange feet / into the low marsh tide,” “two swans curl their necks— / place their heads just below the surface,” “the […]